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Segregated Portfolio Company

Dyna Re SPC Ltd. (‘Dyna Re’)

Dyna Re offers the opportunity to take advantage of some of the unique benefits available through participation in a Segregated Portfolio (‘SP’) or Portfolio Insurance Company (‘PIC’) corporate structure. The segregated portfolio structure can offer a cost effective and easily administered option if you do not yet wish to establish your own captive.

As a segregated portfolio company, Dyna Re may establish Segregated Portfolios such that the assets and liabilities of each Segregated Portfolio are legally separate from the assets and liabilities of any other Segregated Portfolio.

Another aspect of the legislation in The Cayman Islands facilitates the benefits of an ‘incorporated cell.’ This is achieved by the establishment of a Portfolio Insurance Company.

If you are a commercial or capital market participant who may be seeking to ‘incubate’ a new business or program segment in a cost effective structure before launching your own independent platform, segregated portfolio structures can be of great benefit. Whether as an SP or a PIC, both options offer distinct and different benefits in a cost effective manner.

To learn more about Dyna Re and the benefits of an SP or PIC, contact us to start the conversation.

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